Known Issues: Android

General Android

  • Some users are having trouble when attempting to connect via bluetooth to integrated Subaru systems.  The issue is currently being worked on by our respective teams.
  • Occasionally, the play/pause button in the media player may become out of sync. If this happens you should be able to recover by tapping the play/pause button twice.
  • You may find that the data usage counter in the Settings menu stops updating. If this is the case, please follow these steps to reset your counter (Warning: this will also force you to sign in to the app again):
    • Go to your Android OS Settings
    • Select "Applications" -> "Manage Applications"
    • Select "Aha Radio"
    • Select option to clear "data"
Device Specific Android
  • Seek bar does not work on some Android devices running 2.2.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other text to speech stations do not play on the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S II.
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