Featured Content

Need help finding some great content to get you started?  Visit the Featured area to view a wide variety of recommendations by genre or topic.  

To find the Featured area, tap the menu button on the top left of the Aha app, and reveal the slide-out menu.  

From there, select "Featured" and browse the topics.  


Each topic contains a mix of content from a variety of stations, and any station you find can easily be saved as a preset by tapping the +Add to Presets button.


The default view will allow you to swipe left/right to view different station options, but you can tap the LIST button on the top right to browse as a list.


The featured content can change at any time, so if you find something you like be sure to add it to your presets.  It may not be featured the next time you check.

Also be on the lookout for special themed topics that will be appearing throughout the year (Summer Drive Music, March Madness, etc.).

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