Within some stations users have the ability to record short audio messages, called SHOUTS.  How these SHOUTS are used can vary by station type. 

Facebook – Recording a SHOUT within your Facebook station will post a playable audio file on your Facebook wall.  This will also appear in your friends’ News Feeds.

Traffic – SHOUTS recorded in Traffic will automatically show up to other drivers who are on the same road as you.  It’s a quick and easy way to let others on the road know about possible slowdowns or accidents, so they can plan accordingly.

Community – Aha also offers a variety of community shout stations, spanning a wide range of topics.  If you are looking to embrace your inner Idol, head to the Caraoke room to record a song.  Or if you need to blow off some steam, head to the Driver Rants station.  SHOUT rooms can cover just about any topic you want.  And if you don’t see the topic you want, let us know at

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