Slacker in Aha

Slacker Radio is available within Aha Radio, bringing hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations, and on-demand music, news, comedy, and sports.  Aha users can enjoy a trial period of Slacker, but will eventually need to register with Slacker directly for continued access.

To Associate your Slacker account with Aha, tap on the hamburger stack (triple hash) button on the top left corner and then go to Settings > Accounts and complete the Slacker login process.

Users with a free Slacker account are limited to 5 song skips per hour, and will not have access to all of the content Slacker has to offer.  Paid Slacker users, who have associated their accounts with Aha, will enjoy unlimited song skips, more content, and an ad-free experience within all Slacker stations.

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