Facebook in Aha

Aha provides users with the ability to listen to audio versions of their Facebook Timeline messages from their Facebook wall. To experience this features a user must first associate their Facebook account with Aha.

The first time a user visits the Facebook station, they will be prompted to complete Facebook Connect.  The other way to manage the association with Facebook is to visit Aha's Settings screen by tapping on the hamburger stack (triple hash) button on the top left corner and then go to Settings > Accounts. Any content partner that requires authentication can be found and managed there.

To disconnect Facebook from Aha, simply return to Settings > Accounts. Choose Logout.


Note : 

Starting April 30th, 2015 there was a change in the Facebook audio station provided via Aha Radio. Due to policy changes applied across all Facebook partners, when users play their Facebook station they will no longer hear their Facebook Newsfeed read back to them instead the Facebook station will play users’s timeline. We do recognize that playing the user's timeline is not the ideal experience. We will continue to work on improving the Facebook experience with in Aha Radio.


The reasons for the policy change are not specific, but we have learned that Facebook wishes to ensure the Newsfeed is accessible via Facebook branded apps, effectively meaning only Facebook can show the Newsfeed. In addition, we've confirmed that the Facebook Newsfeed will not be available in any vehicle integration.

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