Media Player: Podcasts & Audiobooks

Controls can vary by station, depending on the type of content you are listening to.  You can pause or play any content by tapping the PLAY button in the bottom left corner, or by tapping the artwork in the center of the screen.  

If the station supports feedback, you may be presented with buttons to THUMB UP, THUMB DOWN, HEART, BAN, or LIKE. 

If you are listening to pre-recorded content (like podcasts or audiobooks) you will have a “scrubber” bar that show you the total length of an episode as well as your current position.  You can also place your finger on the status dot and drag to whichever part of the episode you want.

In some cases you will also have the option to record a message (called a SHOUT).  If you see a microphone next to the Aha icon you are in a station that supports SHOUT recording.

To learn more about the different kinds of SHOUTs, visit our SHOUTS guide.

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