Data Usage

If you aren't one of the people who still has an unlimited data plan for your phone, data overages can be a concern.  Extensive use of Aha, just like any service that streams audio to your phone, can result in significant amounts of data usage, so we encourage users to be mindful of their data.  

If you would like to keep track of your actual usage there are different options depending on mobile operating system and device maker. 

iOS /iPhone Users
If you are using a compatible iOS device you can find a Data Usage section within the main Settings screen (accessible by tapping the triple hash button on the top left of the screen).  By tapping View Usage you can see information about your current session as well as since your last counter reset.  Please note that this counter does not distinguish between data transferred via cellular or wifi, so you should start your session off of wifi if you want to get accurate cellular totals.




Android Users
If you are using an Android device, you can find information about any application's data usage from the device settings App (outside of Aha).  Once you have accessed the Android Settings app, look for either a "Data Usage" option or an "Apps" button.  These will take you to a list of all apps using data and allow you to review Aha's specific consumption.

If you are still concerned, you can also minimize data usage by disabling Stream Caching in the Settings area.  Disabling this feature will reduce data use, but could also adversely impact seamless audio playback in some coverage areas.  You can enable and disable this feature as often as you like.


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